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A Steiner Waldorf KINDERGARTEN

A Steiner Waldorf KINDERGARTEN

A Steiner Waldorf KINDERGARTENA Steiner Waldorf KINDERGARTENA Steiner Waldorf KINDERGARTEN

Parent Education

Reading with Lalitha

(9:00 am to 11:00 am on Mondays and Saturdays)

These readings serve as eye openers into your child and why he does what he does. It answers the

everyday questions that arise in a parent’s mind while tackling the challenges that come with

every passing phase of childhood. Lalitha conducts her sessions in a conversational manner,

always involving the parent and answering questions with her rich insight. These reading sessions

are highly recommended for parents and primary care givers of the child.

Monthly Lectures

(First Saturday of every month, details will be emailed)

We cover a topic that is relevant or that has been a concern among the teachers or parents. While

Jyostna, our Principal and Lead Teacher, delivers most lectures, we also invite guest speakers

who are experts in their own right. We take a keen interest to spread the wealth of Waldorf

Education and therefore accept requests to address a gathering of 10 or more people.

Craft workshop with Carmen

(starts in Aug, details will be emailed)

When you see a child with a handmade toy is when you understand the warm connection they

seem to have with it and how much they value it. That in itself is a skill the child acquires without

having to be taught anything at all.

Carmen joins us every year all the way from Italy to conduct craft workshops for the parent

community. Her workshops have inspired parents to not only learn to stitch but also to cut,

proportion and perfect a project. Quality plays a big role as do the colours that are chosen for the

toys. While these craft sessions are a fun, carefree activity that parents get to enjoy in the

company of each other, it is also empowering, teaching skills that both parents and teachers didn’t

have and didn’t think they could acquire. Her sessions are also meditative because the intricacy of

the project calls for a certain amount of silence. The most beautiful part of Carmen’s workshops is

the rewarding sense of doing something together for the children.